This interview is really interesting. Especially the part where he discusses what would have happened if the show had been picked up for a second season. I really wish this show wasn’t cancelled, it was really headed in an awesome direction. They were ditching all the teenage angst stuff, and the cheese (note his numerous remarks about dancing robots from before he took over as showrunner), and moving more towards the mythology that drove BSG. The whole story line with Zoe Graystone becoming the first skin job, and the journey she has to go through in the v world to acquire the information she needs to successfully pull off her transfer into a skin job. Also I would have loved to see the Final five from BSG make an appearance in the show. 

I’m still really disappointed that this show won’t be back for a second season, but I have high hopes for BSG: Blood and Chrome, but I don’t see any way for that show to touch on any of the stuff that Caprica would have if it had continued. 

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